NilDesperandum CathalDennehy

Nil Desperandum

by Cathal Dennehy

Cathal Dennehy, an Emerald AC athlete, won the Sunday Tribune Peter Ball Memorial Competition for Aspiring Sports Writers in 2007 for this article. It is a truly inspirational piece about injury, competitiveness, pain, and, ultimately, victory. It was published in the Sunday Tribune in April 2007 and has been widely praised, as well as appearing on numerous sports websites.


Cathal has been an outstanding Emerald athlete for many years. He won the National JuniorCross Country title at Dungarvan in 2006. He went on to represent Ireland that year at the EuropeanCross Country Championships, and again in 2007. He has now completed a degree injournalism at DCU and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Film and Television Studies.


We are delighted to host Cathal’s great article on our website. We urge all of our athletes to read, and re-read, the piece.

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Image: Alan Cowzer