Questions & Answers

Taken from Athletics Ireland: Juvenile Competition Booklet

Q – Who is classed as a Juvenile?
A – Anyone running under 9, to under 19.

Q – How do I know which age group I am in? A – Age categories are calculated from 31st December in the year of competition. For 2016, the following are age groups for each year born, for Athletics Association of Ireland (AAI) competitions.*

Age group Year born
Under 9 2008
Under 10 2007
Under 11 2006
Under 12 2005
Under 13 2004
Under 14 2003
Under 15 2002
Under 16 2001
Under 17 2000
Under 18 1999
Under 19 1998

* – Note: Community Games age groups are calculated differently

Q – What are the shot putt weights thrown at a competition.
A – Boys Girls
Under 12 2k 2k
Under 13 2k 2k
Under 14 2.72k 2k
Under 15 3.25k 2.72k
Under 16 4k 3.25k
Under 17 5k 3.25k
Under 18 5k 4k
Under 19 6k 4k

Q – In school events how do I know if I am classed as inter or senior?
A – Born on or after 1st July 1991 is inter.

Q – In the Limerick T & F Competition, at what age do you jump from the board in the long jump event?
A – Under 12s jump from the board and under 11’s jump from the edge of the sand pit.

Q – Who is eligible for a “B” championship?
A – B Championships is open to athletes who HAVE NOT WON an Individual, Regional, county or Club National medal.

Q – What is the definition of a Novice in Cross Country?
A – A Novice in Cross Country is an athlete who has never been
1. An individual medal winner at National, Intermediate or Senior Cross Country, Individual or team (Club or County) in Grade A
2. An individual medal winner at National level in any track ( indoor or outdoor) or road event at 1500 metres and upward.
3. Represented Ireland at Senior International level
4. A medal winner in individual Novice or a scoring member of the winning team, or county, at the National Novice Championships.
Athletes must be aged 19 years, or over, by the 31st December in the year of competition.